- About us -

We are a group of Melbournians, helping you transition to a new energy economy

- Our Offering -

"networked energy demand" manages your enrolled solar inverter, battery energy storage system, EV, smart cables and smart appliances

Energy Market

If you choose to be with a wholesale market linked retailer, ned can automatically buy at low prices, and sell on high prices, and you can get paid

Live Dashboard

You can monitor electricity prices, solar inverter output, battery storage system status and net electricity flow for your premise. Click here to watch live!

Better Bill

By looking after the buying and selling of power 24x7 for you, ned reduces your total bill to as low as possible

Better Grid

Buying when the grid has capacity, and supplying when the grid is in need helps stabilise the grid in your area too

Better Planet

Absorbing more renewables in the grid, helps decarbonise electricity for everyone, making for a better planet

- Contact Us -
Glen Waverley, VIC 3150
+61 3 8683 5008